Do Finding Love and Self Care Correlate?

Due to the timely release of our inaugural issue, it only seems right to discuss the most pertinent ingredient in this upcoming Valentine’s Day, love. The thing that makes our hearts warm, skip a beat, and ipso facto full. The majority of us are searching for it, a lucky few have it, and some of us could care less. When we are looking for it, we tend to hear this poignant phrase over and over again: you have to love yourself before you love someone else. As much as we want to disagree and say that love is successful regardless, it seems to be the key factor in many fruitful relationships. Confidence in yourself and your own self worth is a commodity that allows you to be 100% comfortable with yourself and in turn, your ability to be vulnerable is heightened tenfold.

At Green Witch, our love language is self-care. Taking time for yourself—body and mind. It might sound indulgent and/or selfish, but it’s actually a part of spending time growing and being comfortable with yourself. Bask in your individuality and learn more about that special soul inside you!  

If E = mc2, then self-care and loving yourself definitely equal being open enough to find your soulmate. Continue reading below for our favorite ways to get your self care on!  

1)    Mani-pedi: We don’t know about you, but when our fingers and toes look dressed up, we feel a little more happy and put together.  

2)    A nice, relaxing bath: Fill up that tub, put in a bath bomb, light a delicious smelling candle, and play some fire tunes.  

3)    Get your hair done, girl!: A fresh, new look can do wonders for your confidence. Sometimes you just need a quick cut to remember how amazing you are!  

4)    Meditation: It can help you get rid of stress, negative emotions, and more. Multiple studies have shown that meditation helps significantly reduce depression and anxiety. If you’re struggling to do it on your own, we recommend trying the Headspace app.  

5)    A nice dinner with your friends: The people who lift you up, help you when you’re down, and are there for you regardless of whether you’re single or not; treat yourselves to a fancy meal! Splurge on apps, get a bottle of vino, and talk about how lucky you are to have each other!

6)    CBD and Chill: The ultimate self-care moment, a dose of CBD! We recommend a tincture of 10 - 15 mg.  

7)    Shop ’til you drop: You always need a good shoe, even if you already have a good shoe! Go to your favorite clothing store and find a classic piece that you’ll wear forever.  

8)    Zen the f*** out with yoga: For us here at Green Witch, yoga is the ultimate relaxation tool. We love love love calming down and having an instructor guide us through our practice.

Leila Mafoud